This film was procured from theaters between the years 2006 and 2012 (when digital took over). Distributors picked it up after its run in theaters and they paid to have it destroyed, as all the films in the thousands of theaters across the country can’t be archived. I negotiated an agreement with the distributor to give me a couple of reels from each movie (but not the entire film) instead of paying to have it professionally destroyed.

No, this is NOT flammable! Nitrate film was flammable and it was used in the 1930’s to the 1940’s. The industry switched to celluloid in the 1950’s (which cracked and broke and turned to vinegar over time). Celluloid was used through the late 90’s when they switched to polyester (Mylar) film.

It is extremely durable because it is Mylar, NOT CELLULOID! You can carry up to 7lbs. in the purses that have enough room for that much stuff. It does not crack, scratch or show fingerprints and it is impossible to tear. The yarn that is used to crochet the strips together is extra strong mercerized cotton and the stitch is one of the most durable crochet stiches known.

Each bag is designed by the business owner, Julie Lewis. She also does most of the crochet work, but gets a little help from a few friends when the demand is high.